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Ethic Dusk Twill 6.5 Oz

Ethic Dusk Twill 6.5 Oz

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Ethic Dusk Light, a refined sub-category within the Existenceยฎ. Ethic Dusk collection offers a lightweight variant alternative.

Crafted from sustainable materials, including cotton and biodegradable resins, Ethic Dusk Light is distinguished by its subtle matte shine and a weight that effortlessly glides. Ideal for those seeking a more delicate feel without compromising on style, Ethic Dusk Light brings a nuanced sophistication to the world of Vegan Leather.

Whether for accessories or garments, embrace the weightless allure of Ethic Dusk Light as a testament to both your style and ethical choices.

Technical Specifications

โ€ข Composition : 100% COTTON

โ€ข Weave : TWILL

โ€ข Weight : 210 GSM

โ€ข Width : 58 INCH | 147 CM

โ€ข Shrinkage : โ‰ค3%

โ€ข Roll Length : 54 YARDS | 50 METERS


- Sustainable

- Biodegradable



- Leather fibre


- Apparels- Men's/Womenโ€™s


-Biker Jackets

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