Quality And Process

At Existence, we are committed to delivering products of exceptional quality while upholding our commitment to sustainability. From recycling to finishing, raw material sourcing to cutting, packing to merchandising, and stitching to product quality, we adhere to meticulous processes that ensure the highest standards throughout our operations.



We are passionate about recycling and reducing waste. Our Reclaim line incorporates recycled fabrics made from PET bottles, diverting them from landfills and oceans. By using recycled materials, we help minimize environmental impact and contribute to a circular economy.



Our finishing processes focus on enhancing the durability and performance of our products. We utilize advanced techniques to achieve water repellency, coating for dimensional stability and shrinkage control, and other functional properties. These finishing touches ensure our products maintain their quality, even in challenging conditions.


Raw Material Sourcing:

We place great importance on responsible and sustainable raw material sourcing. Our organic fabrics are sourced from GOTS-certified suppliers, guaranteeing that the cotton used is free from harmful chemicals and produced with respect for environmental and social standards. Additionally, our vegan leather fabrics are crafted from cotton blends using bio-degradable resins, providing a cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather.


Product Quality:

We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality. Our team of skilled artisans and quality control professionals meticulously examine each item to ensure it meets our strict standards. From durability to colorfastness, our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they withstand the test of time.



The cutting process is a critical step in our manufacturing. Our cutting techniques prioritize precision, efficiency, and minimal material waste. We optimize the use of fabrics to reduce scrap, promoting sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.



We take care in packaging our products responsibly. Our packaging materials are chosen to be environmentally friendly and recyclable whenever possible. By minimizing packaging waste and utilizing sustainable materials, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint.



Our merchandising process involves thoughtful curation and presentation of our products. We aim to create an engaging and visually appealing shopping experience for our customers, showcasing the versatility and style of our sustainable collection.



Our skilled team of craftsmen and women ensure that every stitch is carefully executed, creating products of superior quality and durability. We emphasize strong and precise stitching techniques to enhance the longevity of our garments and accessories.

At Existence, we believe that sustainable practices and uncompromising quality go hand in hand. We continuously innovate and refine our processes to uphold our commitment to environmental responsibility while delivering products that meet the highest standards of excellence. Our dedication to recycling, responsible sourcing, meticulous finishing, and attention to detail in cutting, packing, merchandising, and stitching is at the core of our commitment to sustainable and high-quality products.